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Vocab Quiz
Updated: 3/25/2020
Vocab Quiz
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  • Containment is where you limit. For example when Korea had a border it was to stop communism on onside of Korea thy had to limit it.
  • The iron curtain is a barrier that separates communist Europe from Non- Communist Europe. For example well when Europe put the wall up to separate communism.
  • Stalemate is when war is over and neither side wins. For example at the end of the Korean War neither side won.
  • A demilitarized zone id when it is in one place where military is not allowed for example during the Korean war both sides agreed to a demilitarized zone.
  • A dente is easing of Cold War tensions. For example they started a treaty the one with the ABM sites one part protected the national capital the other protecting the other a long missle site.
  • An arms race is when nations compete to build more and powerful things for example when The Soviet Union and the U.S were creating things and the S.U built a satellite and the U.S sent a man to the moon.
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