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Updated: 1/31/2021
Unknown Story

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  • In this scene, Romeo comes back to Juliet after the party and hears her talking to herself while she was alone on the balcony. He hears her talking about him and steps in.
  • I trust you and I would change my name for you any day of the week I will never be Romeo again.
  • Shriek!Who are you? Why are you hiding in the darkness stalking me?
  • In this scene, they are still feeling each other out, but they both know that they love each other. Juliet is a little worried about the disagreement between the two families.
  • I don't know how to tell you who I am without my name. But I hate my name as much as I hate this pandemic.
  • I'm not if you don't want me to be.
  • No mask can muffle that beautiful voice. are you Romeo ?And aren't you a Montague?
  • In this scene, Romeo begins to confess his love for Juliet but she is still worried about the danger of him snooping around the Capulet property.
  • Loves light wings took me over. No stone wall can stop love and no relatives can either.
  • How did you get over those orchard walls? They are very high and very hard to climb. My relatives would kill you if they saw you.
  • But they will Murder you!
  • This is the first scene in which the pandemic really changes anything because Romeo would climb the balcony and they would have a kissing scene but mask and social distancing forbid that.
  • I would infinitely kiss you if I could. I swear my love for you by the moon.
  • Don't swear by the moon, don't swear by anything. My love for you is infinite and I would kiss you to if the pandemic didn't forbid.
  • This scene would be pretty romantic in a non-Covid-19 setting but they couldn't get close or kiss and they really have nothing really to say or do but admire each other.
  • Leaving you is a thousand times worse than being with you. Like a kid when they have to go to school. But all the best and I will see you in the morning.
  • Thanks you you all the same to you. I will send a messenger by 9 o'clock.
  • A thousand times goodnight.
  • Juliet!
  • This cell is here because I can only make 3 or 6 cells comic strips without the premium version. Sorry.