Cuento 1
Updated: 2/6/2021
Cuento 1

Storyboard Text

  • Ohhhhh !!!!It is a gold ring !!
  • This road is very long
  • Ohh !!!!She is very beautiful
  • Do you want anything ?
  • No,thanks
  • Don Vicent is a poor student that lives in Salamanca. He found a gold ring in the street and he catched it.
  • I am the guard of this bridge
  • Who are you ?
  • That man is crazy
  • It was summer and he decided to go to another town, Granada.
  • You can see me because you have got the Solomon's ring
  • When he arrived to Granada, he saw a very beautiful maiden. She was with a priest.
  • If you broke the spell the treasure will be yours.
  • On th Eve of St John, Don Vincent went into the town to dance.Next to the bridge, he saw an strange soldier.
  • The soldier told Don Vincent his story.He was the guard of the Muslims treasure. Muslims put a spell on him. Only once every 100 years, at St John's Eve, he could go out of the tower.
  • The soldier told Don Vincent that to break the spell, he needed a pure and innocent girl. Also a priest to expel the bad spirits.
  • Then, I will be rich