Cuento 2
Updated: 2/7/2021
Cuento 2

Storyboard Text

  • There ia a treasure that can be ours
  • Ohhhh!!!
  • Ohhhh!!!
  • Come on!And remember you should not eat
  • Uff !!
  • Yes, the spell will break
  • It is opening
  • Yes!!!
  • Don Vincent knew a priest and a pure girl. So he went to their house.When he arrived, he told the complete story to the priest and the maid. Je told also to the priest that he shouldn't eat for 24 hours.
  • Ohh!!!There are lot of money
  • I told you
  • Ohh !!!We are rich !!
  • One day after, Don Vicent, the priest and the maid run to the tower to help the soldier and break the spell.
  • Nooooooo!!!
  • I can't believe it !!
  • At the tower, the maiden opened the chest with Solomon's ring.All of them were really happy !
  • The chest was full of gold, jewels, ... Don Vincent took some of them and put inside his pocket.
  • But the priest was hungry and he started to eat a sandwich he had.Then, the chest got closed and the three people got out of the tower.The spell did not break ...
  • Mmmmm!!!This sandwich is very tasty
  • Don Vincent had some gold in his pocket, so he was rich.At the end, Don Vincent and the maiden got married and they were happy.
  • I love youDo you want to get married with me ?
  • Yes !!!