Updated: 3/11/2020

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  • "Thank you"Rhea said
  • "This is a good life whit you Rhea"said cronos
  • your babies will rob you the throne
  • "!NO¡ I cant lose the throne. i need to do something".Cronos excaimed.
  • "YOU CAN DO SOMETHING"Uranus remarked.
  • Rhea learned that dhe was expecting a baby.Cronos was happy at first.
  • Cronos is goin to the lake for a moment of calm
  • "!!!My children's no¡¡¡"Rhea exclaim.
  • Uranus and Gaia warned Cronos about her babies and Cronos think did he need to swallow her.
  • Cronos swallow her babies and goes out.
  • Rhea was very sad to lose her children. She knew that she had to save her last children.
  • Rhea's trick was successful. Zeus grew up handsome and strong. He married Metis, a Titan.