frankenstein comic
Updated: 3/25/2020
frankenstein comic

Storyboard Text

  • Hello! I´m Victor Frankenstein
  • When frankenstein finished building the monster and lightning struck the house the monster woke up and that's when frankenstein realized it was very ugly and frankenstein abandoned it
  • Hi! I´m the captain Robert Walton and i was travelling to the noth pole
  • I was born in Geneva in a rich family and I want to go to study in Almemania
  • what happened to you?
  • Hello I´m Elisabeth
  • University of germany
  • Frankenstein wants to study at the university of germany and is in love with Elisabeth
  • I am the mother of Frankenstein and I am a nurse. Frankenstein's mother helps elisabeth who falls ill
  • After a time at Frankenstein university he decides to create a small monster by building it from remains of corpses
  • The little monster fled until he reached a village and when he arrived he tried to socialize with the people of the village but they threw stones at him and behaved badly with him and he fled the village
  • The little monster fled the town and starts looking for Victor. To ask Victor to do a female version of him.