History Final

Updated: 5/12/2020
History Final

Storyboard Text

  • Civil war (1861-1865)
  • It was between the united states of america and the confederate states.
  • civil war started in 1861 and ended in 1865.
  • The conflict began primarily as a result of the long-standing disagreement over the insitution of slavery.
  • civil war
  • marking the beginning of the end of the four year-long american civil war.
  • At last general robert E. lee surrendered his confederate troops to the union.
  • April 1865
  • In 1865 lincoln was assassinated
  • In 1865 the civil war ended
  • May 1865
  • johnson begins his presidential reconstruction plan.
  • ( lincoln wanted to be easy on the southerners but johnson wanted to be harsh )
  • congress elections 1866
  • putting them in a position to easily override any veto by president johnson.
  • The republicans won overwhelming majorities in both senate and house.
  • 14!
  • the reconstruction acts of 1867 laid out the proccess of readmitting southern states into union.
  • 14th amendment provided former slaves with national citizenship (1868).
  • 15th amendment granted black men the right to vote. (1870)
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