Psych extra credit
Updated: 2/3/2020
Psych extra credit
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  • Dad, I can see the color of your shirt, and see your hand moving!
  • Silly son, Of course you can! Our parallel processing allows us to see movement, color, form, and depth all at once.
  • But how???
  • Let's take a look into our vision!
  • The Iris is a colored muscle that dilates or constricts in response to light
  • light enter through the cornea, which bends to provide focus! After this, the light then passes through the pupil!
  • after passing through the pupil, the light hits the transparent lens and focuses the light rays into an image on your retina, a multilayered tissue on the eyeballs inner surface
  • Thats super cool, but what about your brain? Does your brain help with your vision too?
  • In the back of both of our eyes, we have rods and cones! cones help us see bright light and rods help us see in the dim light. these connect to our brain through neural impulses
  • lets take a look into my brain
  • The cross section of the retina allows for a chemical reaction to spark neural signals to bipolar cells, which then lead to the activation of ganglion cells, whose axons twine together like the strands of a rope to form the optic nerve. This process results in the function of our rods and cones.
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