projeccttt 6

Updated: 1/6/2021
projeccttt 6

Storyboard Text

  • Hmmm?... If the Mango tree is supported by a wire anchored in the ground9 feet from its base. The wire is 3 feet longer than the height that it reaches on the tree. Now, I am going to find the length of the wire that we will be needing.
  • Lolo Dad what are you doing there?
  • Nothing , I'm just thinking about something. Let's now walk around.
  • Because it forms a right triangle I will use the Pythagorean Theorem.
  • Oh Lolo Dad is over there!
  • (b) x
  • (a) 9 ft
  • (c) x+3
  • I think that is the thing that he is thinking earlier.
  • The wire is 3 ft longer than the height that it reaches on the tree so 3 ft+ 12 ft is 15 ft.Therefore the length of the wire is 15ft.
  • c^2=a^2+b^2(x+3)^2=(9)^2 + X^2(x+3)(x+3) = 81+ x^2x2+6x+9=81+x^26x=81-9 6x= 72(divide both sides by 6)x= 12
  • Jake, the speed of my big truck is 4x+4 m/s.
  • You are amazing Lolo Dad. How did you know that? Now I know what is the speed of your big truck so I will not wonder anymore.
  • You are also good in solving like me. Don't you worry my employees will handle the problem about the Mango tree, I'm really sure that they can save the tree.
  • Oh that is the Mango tree that both of you are talking about.
  • You know Lolo Dad, me and Melinda always go here when we are a child just to eat Mango.
  • Lolo Dad the length of the wire that we will be needing is 15 feet.
  • I know that. I also remember that you also love to play here.
  • Thank you Lolo Dad. We need to go home now. Me and Jake will meet the land Surveyor.
  • The Land surveyor is the only one who knows where is the location of the island because that is a surprise from their parents.
  • Good day sir! Where is our meeting place?
  • Our meeting place is near the lighthouse. See you there!
  • They have arrived home.
  • I think that is familiar to me.
  • Melinda and Jake going to lighthouse to meet the land surveyor.
  • That is a good idea Lolo Dad. Okay, I will measure the length of the wire.