Updated: 2/12/2020

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  • Why do we have to do this! This so boring!
  • Go ge hel-!hel-hel!
  • Byron needs help!
  • Kenny and his brothers are taking off the ice from the car and bored about it.
  • Byron get ready for this!
  • HA HA HA HA HA HA...
  • Byron got his face stuck on the glass and told Kenny to go get help from mom and dad! Kenny had a hard time understanding him but Kenny knew what to do.
  • I hope he's gonna be alright.
  • Kenny ran inside and told mom and dad what happened to Byron. Mom got a bucket of hot water and ran out to save Byron.
  • ____VIP____
  • Highland Middle School 100 km away----------------Johns Hopkins 1345 km away
  • Why does have to happen to me.
  • Dad was laughing at Byron so much and was hilarious.But then she decides to yank Byron right off the ice. (no mercy!).
  • Bryon wasn't ok so Dad took him into the car and went to the hospital.
  • Byron was talking in the car and didn't make the wrong decision again.