Tifesea 4
Updated: 2/10/2020
Tifesea 4

Storyboard Text

  • HELP!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sounds pretty fair...
  • Deal!
  • Tell you what. I'll take you to the Agnostos if you give me your backpack. Deal?
  • Well, were here. Just follow the sunset. Can I please have my backpack?
  • Am I Almost their yet?
  • Tifesea walked west, and sat down for a minute. However, she couldn't get up.
  • Uhu hu uhu
  • Then, a tiger walked by, wanting to know what all the fuss was about. So Tifesea told him. And along they went...
  • Mwhahahaha!
  • Pow
  • Crack sizzle
  • And then they left each other, Tifesea going west, and her tiger friend back east.
  • Tifesea ran into the water and swam, swam on despite the aches in her legs and the pang of her heart. She continued on.
  • Until, she met the spirits of Agnostos. they tormented her and teased her and pulled tricks on her, trying to make Tifesea into one of them. One time though, they almost succeeded.
  • You see, Hanela, the spirit of hate, was the most powerful of all the spirits. So she called a meeting with all the spirits to discuss the recent events of Tifesea. However, in the meantime Tifesea was swimming furious to reach land. and she did.
  • Pant, pant