bolsheviks significance 1917
Updated: 2/9/2020
bolsheviks significance 1917
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  • I declare the April thesis: the overthrowing of the provisional government, Immediate end to the war, power given to the soviets, more land to the peasants and state control of factories and banks.
  • The Kornilov affair
  • we (the PG) look very weak!!
  • Lenin returned from Switzerland with German assistance and issued his 'April thesis'.
  • Red guards
  • Military revolutionary committiee
  • response to failure of the June offensive led to widespread mutinies in the army and strikes in cities. Bolsheviks supported these actions but didn't lead them. new PM Kerensky arrested many Bolshevik leader including Kamenev and Trotsky.Lenin fled to Finland.
  • Germans
  • The winter palace
  • Kornilov the commander in chief moved troops to petrograd because of growing unrest.this led PM Kerensky to ask the Bolsheviks for help as he feared a military take over. He let them out of prison, this was a propaganda victory and showed the Pg to be weak.
  • we seized power!!!
  • THe PG left weak and meaningless
  • Bolshevik members rose to 200,000. The part produced newspapers all across Russia. Red guards were recruited in petrograd factories. By the end of the month the Bolsheviks had the majority of seatsin the Petrograd soviet that was becoming more mighty.
  • The Petrograd soviets formed the MRC to protect the soviets against German invasion. it was chaired by Trosky and made up of many Bolshevik members. It was used as a cover for planning the seizure of power, They stationed red guards in vantage points like railway stations and telegraph offices.
  • PG attempted to shut down 2 of the Bolshevik newspapers. Lenin feared the PG were clamping down on Bolshevik activity so gave order to seize power. They managed to seize the winter palace with very little fighting as they had a small amount of military backup.
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