Imperialism in Asia quiz
Updated: 2/23/2021
Imperialism in Asia quiz

Storyboard Text

  • 1857-1858 The British had set up a trading post and eventually colonized India. They used natives as mercenaries and called them sepoys until they revolted.
  • We need you to be our mercenaries, even though we constantly oppress you and your people.
  • hmmm ok
  • The British prevented India's economy from operating on it's own and tried converting them to christianity
  • Hey so hinduism is cool or whatever but have you heard of this cooler dude called Jesus?
  • Eventually gossip spread that the new cartridges for their rifles would be sealed with beef and pork fat, both of which carry religious significance to the sepoys
  • ugh you will not believe what i just heard
  • 90 sepoys refused to use the cartridges and were jailed, the rest of the sepoys revolted in response
  • Both armies fought for a little over a year but the British eventually won, after slaughtering each other and women and children
  • Following the revolution Britain appointed a viceroy, who ruled in Britain's name until 1947