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Unknown Story
Updated: 5/21/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Principles Now..!!
  • Let me go..?!!
  • you have beautiful eyes... Ok its time.!
  • Meg back talks to her teacher and gets sent to the principal's office. Meg did not remember the answer to the question so the teacher and her classmates laughed at her. That caused meg to talk back. So meg had to go to the principal's office.
  • This it awsome..!!!
  • Mr.Murry worked in a top secret government agency. He traveled through a tescarate. But was captured by a dark planet of camazotz. Megs father was captured by the darkness or the "BLACK THING."I thought this is what is would look like.
  • I defeated the darkness.. for now.
  • Before they went on a quest to find there father Calvin did one thing. Calvin looked into megs eyes and said "you have beautiful eyes."Meg blushed until her entire face was red and pink.Then they were off on there quest to find her father and said "ok its time".
  • I cane to tell you about what a tescrate is.
  • Murry Home.
  • Mrs.Whatsit turned into a beautiful magical horse with wings. The kids jumped on her and went for a ride I imagine that they rode in space so no one could see mrs.Whatsit as a half human/horse.
  • Mrs.Whatsit defeated the darkness. But she had been a star when she did so. Now Mrs.Whatsit is a human,witch is her new form.Mrs.Whatsit defeated the darkness once. This is how i imagined it to look like.(i wasn't sure if this should go here or first)
  • Mrs. Whatsit comes to the Murray house.She wanted to tell them about the tescrate. The tescrate is a four dimensional shape. The tescrate also was the thing that teleported her father to the planet with the ''BLACK THING." This is how i imagined it.
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