Unknown Story
Updated: 5/2/2020
Unknown Story

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  • They don´t need it! They should stay ignorant!
  • why can't the humans have fire?
  • This is called fire. you must be careful
  • wow. 
  • Prometheus and Zeus argue about why man is not allowed to have fire. Zeus does not want mankind to become too knowledgeable for fear that they will one day become as powerful as the gods and try to take over Mt. Olympus.
  • Prometheus disagrees with Zeus. He creates a fire to take to the humans.
  • Prometheus brings fire to the humans. He explains how to use it and that they must be safe with it. he proceeded to give more fire to everyone in the land.
  • The humans cook their fresh kill and are amazed yet frightened at the power of the fire. They thank prometheus for his life changing gift.
  • Zeus is amazed to see that the humans have extremely advanced since they were given the fire. He is baffled at the fact that they have created chariots and new weapons.
  • Zeus orders his guards to seize prometheus for punishment. They leave him chained atop a mountain with two vultures who tear and eat his liver for eternity.