beowulf scene
Updated: 4/21/2020
beowulf scene
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  • Wow I can't believe we won that battle! This calls for a celebration!!
  • After a long day in battle, the soldiers come to celebrate at their bar called, Herot
  • WooHoo, we did it!
  • Yeah!
  • Oh no, not Grendel! Everyone run!
  • Err, what are we gonna do?
  • The monster, Grendal, is interrupted by the noises coming from Herot, and is infuriated by them.
  • Humans... Too... Loud! Now I must eat you.
  • Help us, Beowulf!
  • That's what you get for interrupting me!
  • Grendal attacks the soldiers and eats 30 men.
  • I've got to do something...
  • Back off! Or its off with your arm!
  • Soon, Grendal tries to eat Beowulf as well. But he stands up to the evil monster. Beowulf ends up cutting his arm off.
  • Wow, you saved us all Beowulf! Your a hero!
  • Beowulf ends up hanging Grendal's arm up in the meadhall for everyone to see and everyone rewarded him with praise.
  • We will fight again!
  • And with that, Grendal crawls back to his liar, hurt.
  • Grendals Liar
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