The Phantom Tollbooth
Updated: 4/16/2020
The Phantom Tollbooth

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Wao!. The present is a tollbooth.
  • Tock and Humbug we need to Rescue the Princess Rhyme and Reason that are trap in the Castle in the Air.
  • Rising Action
  • I will go with you as a guide because I know the place. Tock, you go with us?
  • Humbug, I will go to rescue the princess.
  • Rising Action
  • We have to be careful with the demons.
  • Let's go.
  • Milo and Humbug lets go to save the princesses right now.
  • Milo is bored in his room. He noticed a present and opened it. The present is a tollbooth. Then, he used a map that the tollbooth have and decided go to Dictionopolis.
  • Climax
  • It was a pleasure helping you.
  • Thanks for helping us out of the Castle.
  • Milo,Tock, and Humbug are ready to go to save the princess Rhyme and Reason. They need to go to the Castle in the Air.
  • Falling Action
  • King Azaz we completed the rescue of the princess Rhyme and Reason.
  • I declared heroes. Thank you for help the princesses.
  • Milo,Tock and Humbug are going to enter the Castle in the Air to rescue the princess Rhyme and Reason.
  • Resolution
  • Well, I am at my room. I will never be bored again. Life is not boring. The antidote to boredom is knowledge.
  • Milo,Humbug and Tock rescue the princess Rhyme and Reason. They defeated the demons. Then, they will go to the Kingdom of Wisdom to leave princess Rhyme and Reason.
  • We are very happy. Well, lets go to the Kindom of Wisdom to meet King Azaz.
  • Milo,Hambug Tock Rhyme and Reason princess returned to the Kingdom of Wisdom. They met King Azaz. Milo said goodbye to the princesses and sadly hugs Humbug and Tock. Milo travels back to his home.
  • Milo, we know that you will return to your home. Good bye.
  • Bye. We will miss you.
  • Milo passes through the tollbooth and suddenly is in his room. Milo understands that he could do other things that there is fun instead of being bored.