immigration project
Updated: 6/8/2020
immigration project

Storyboard Text

  • good luck son.
  • goodbye mom and dad. I will write to you when I get to Canada.
  • very interesting, why don't you come stay with me for a bit. I can get you a job and once you save up enough money you can go get your land.
  • it shouldn't be too long. are you immigrating over from Ireland?
  • soon I will arrive at my land!
  • thank you very much!
  • yes, im going to get some land
  • excuse me sir. do you know how long it will be until we arrive in Canada?
  • follow me, my house isn't far.
  • I finally made it!
  • I really like my job.soon I will have enough money to go buy my own land!
  • what a great piece of land. now all I need to do is build a cabin and plant some crops
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