Updated: 2/12/2021

Storyboard Text

  • CU- Sara looking Stressed
  • MS- realizing she needs some peace
  • MS- me getting sara's attention
  • LS- us walking into the woods
  • ECU- my hand setting up line on the tree
  • LS- slackline set up between the trees
  • MS- Sara sitting on the line while I explain how
  • LS- me helping Sara get on the slackline
  • ECU- Saras feet on the line (multiple shots diff. angles)
  • MS- me walking away and Sara getting nervous
  • LS- Sara falling off of the slackline
  • CU- checking on Sara and laughing
  • ECU- my hand taking the line down
  • LS- of us leaving the woods
  • MS- of Sara feeling better about things
  • ECU- of Sara happy fade out ending