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Updated: 8/25/2020
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Sam, now an adult, is sitting on her roof, enjoying the breeze as she falls asleep but she doesn't know what awaits her as she wakes up. She doesn't know that she and her friend will reunite. She doesn't know that her friend wants REVENGE for a mistake she made when she was small costing her friends life...

Storyboard Text

  • It was moonless night, with not one star in the deep black mass of a sky.Sam was sitting on the roof, feeling drowsy.she closed her eyes and immediately fell asleep
  • Sam fluttered her eyes open, she was sitting on the floor of some old building which she was sure was not her home. The walls were charred and broken from several places, showing the wood inside. The floor and walls black with dust or.... was it soot?
  • With the darkness engulfing her, she was internally panicking, screaming inside her brain but through the screams,one question kept coming back. Where was she and how did she get there?
  • please help me,I don't know how i got here, can you tell me where i am?
  • As she was gonna call for help she saw a light bobbing towards her, coming from the nearest room.The carrier of the lantern from which the light was coming was a girl of Sams age.Sam called out for help.
  • NO! Please!Who are you?! what did i do to you to deserve this!?
  • looking at the girl carefully, Sam realised that her skin was eerily ghostly white and her eyes dark hollows. Sam stifled a yelp. the girl set down the lantern and took out a box of matches. She struck one match. "NO! what are you doing>?!", cried Sam. She ran forward, slipped on something wet and fell down. The wet substance was fuel. The girl threw the match. the floor caught fire.
  • Don't you remember me?
  • a pang of realisation hit her. she knew this girl and this place. this place was the girls home and the girl was... her old friend. that day they were home alone and Sam had got the idea of playing with matches she had struck the match, she had caused the fire but SHE had survived. "It was an accident!", she cried. " AN ACCIDENT?!", screamed the girl, rising up into the air. "THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS!" she came up to Sams face and breathed fire, scorching Sam alive. At home people were searching for Sam and two countries away, police were standing outside the house, drentched in rain, waiting for the ambulance to take the body away
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