Para espanol
Updated: 3/13/2020
Para espanol

Storyboard Text

  • Hey kid!..come over here, will ya?
  • Who is this loser?
  • ok, ok, gimme some time aight? Imma show you a whole new world, buck-o!
  • Look, we all know what kind of people lurk in alleys...
  • THATS NOT THE POINT OK! I going to open you're eyes to a whole new world! The world if the Subjunctive
  • ...
  • Listen up, when you use the subjunctive, there are two subjects. To change the verb, you have to replace the "er", "ir", or "ar" with the opposite ending. Come in and ill show you!
  • Some words that would trigger the subjunctive would be Dudar que, Preferir que, Necesitar que, Pedir que, and Esperar que
  • Some Irregular verbs in the subjunctive would be Caer-Calgo, Hacer-Halgo, Poner-Pongo, Tener-Tengo, and Querer-Quiero.