water comic strip
Updated: 4/20/2020
water comic strip
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  • One day I was just chilling in this weird thing called a dog it was really dark then all of a sudden I fell out and became a puddle this is called excrete. And I started to evaporate.
  • I floated all the way up to the clouds and became friends with another cloud named cloudy he tought me all about precipatation which is water falling back to earth as rain, snow, or hail. He also tought me condensation water vapor in the air that changes from a gas to a liquid due to cold temperatures
  • Next it took a couple weeks but then I started to precipitate but it started to rain really hard and I landed in the ant artic and became a glacier. I stayed there for quite a while. until I started to melt and became apart of a river.
  • From the river I flowed into a lake. I saw a bunch of kids playing and splashing and thats when I flew all the way out of the water and landed in soil it was by a lot of flowers so i got absorbed and I stayed there for a long time until I get evaporated and go back to the clouds.
  • Finally I became a cloud again and I wait for it to precipatate and then the water cycle will restart and it will be either the same or it could be completely different and thats the story of the water cycle.
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