Updated: 3/11/2020

Storyboard Text

  • 1) Coffee shop
  • 2) Coffee shop
  • 3) Coffee shop
  • Shot: Establishing shot.Description: Paul and Antonio are sitting outside of a coffee shop.Audio: SFX Generic outside ambience
  • 4) Coffee shop
  • Shot: Two shotDescription: Rayker speaks to Paul outside the coffee shop.Audio: "Did you feel that Paul?"
  • 5) Coffee shop
  • Shot: Closeup of Paul. Description: Paul replies to Rayker outside of the coffee shop.Audio: "Yeah I... I did"
  • 6) Coffee shop
  • Shot: Closeup of RaykerDescription: Rayker replies to Paul.Audio: "It can't be HIM Could it?"
  • Shot: Two shotDescription: Rayker talks to PaulAudio: I guess we gotta go find out, we can't be having insane bananas running about the place.
  • Shot: Closeup of PaulDescription: Paul replies to RaykerAudio: "Exactly which is why YOU must stop him!"