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Updated: 7/1/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Pay up peasant, you haven't paid the king and queen you rent
  • Lords were mostly men not many ladies were know by lord or noble and they had land given to them buy the king. They ran local manors and they owned everything on there land including peasants, crops and villages. They were stationed in large manors the size of villages and ate lots of fish, soup, pies, meats and wore expensive fur lined coats and a long under tunic lined with gold threads,
  • My lord i cant, my stock isn't selling, give me more time..
  • HAHA, how are you a knihght
  • At the age of 7 boys of a noble started their training to become a knight. they spent time getting fitter, stronger they learnt how to spell and spell latin. At the ages of 16 they started weapon handling at the ages of twenty if the squire was worthy the became a knight by a dubbing by the king. If the knight was poorer they lived in a castle owned by the lord of the village
  • Fine you win
  • Peasants were the poorest medieval class and they weren't respected by any other class. Two different types of peasants class, serfs who were the poorest and classed as slaves and the farmers, serfs were owned by lords of the manor and controlled what they did. They lived in small mud bricked houses with straw roofs. Farmers always brung their stock into the houses to keep wolves and other predators from eating them. Peasants wore torn up clothes and ate in the poorest conditions and rarely bathed.