Frankenstine 1-5
Updated: 1/5/2021
Frankenstine 1-5

Storyboard Text

  • In the first letter, Robert Walton sails to the North Pole in hopes of accomplishing a great purpose in life. Such as something as simple as finding uncharted territory
  • Victor this is Elizabeth!
  • We brought her as a gift for you!
  • Victor meets a new friend named Henry Clerval. The two boys got along well but their interests were quite different. Henry likes romance, literature, and art, and victors enjoys things such as science and lightening.
  • One day Im going to find the philospher's stone to live for eternity
  • After Victor's mom died he left for college in Germany where he studies chemistry.
  • After two year he became obsessed with the idea of bringing dead bodies back to life.
  • Once I bring these dead bodies back to life I will be the best scientist to ever live!!!
  • What have I done, all my work as created a monster
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