Manifest Destiny
Updated: 3/11/2020
Manifest Destiny
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  • It is our right to go west and expand our country! May God bless us!
  • Yes, dear. The Lousiana purchase is done so the government will let us.
  • We must force the Indians out of this land as it is our god given right to all the land west. Back Savage!
  • Please leave! We were here before you! Leave our land!
  • Well, we have to get their somehow. After all, this land is god given to us. The oregan land is upon us!
  • The white men are beginning to say that all the land west is theirs and begin to claim the land of the lousiana purchase.
  • You bring slaves and your culture. Get out. You won't learn our language so you can't stay is Texas!!!
  • The white men kick the Indians out of their land and take their land. The Indians are sent to their reserves,
  • Now that we have taken back Texas after a long time, it is time for California and more! God gave us this!
  • Please you are crazy calm down we have enough.
  • The settlers begin to forge the path to oregon and make their way to California.
  • We have now banished a whole race and enslaved another, as well as taken much Mexican and British and Spanish land! We now have all the land that God has given.
  • The Spanish kick the white people out of Texas because they will not accept the Mexican culture, so this sets up the whites to take Texas back and form the Republic of Texas. Then eventually the Annexation.
  • Because of "manifest destiny" the white people think they can take all the land they want and continue their tyranny.
  • The whites finally stop taking land from everyone around them and decide that they are satisfied.
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