Updated: 2/4/2021

Storyboard Text

  • The Wedding
  • FATHER!!!
  • Ending the Revolt in Thebes
  • We shall ride to Thebes, and end their revolt!
  • Yeah!
  • Alexander Fights the Persian's
  • Die!
  • Alexander the Great's father died at his sister's wedding because an Assassin killed him.
  • Alexander Fights Egypt
  • Wait! Wait! I've heard of your skill, I surrender!
  • There was a revolt in a place called Thebes. Alexander and his army are going to Thebes to end the revolt.
  • Alexander Travels Back Home
  • Please Alexander! We are so tired!
  • Alexander tries to conquer the Persian's. He is successful in doing so.
  • The Death of Alexander
  • I'm Dead.
  • The Egyptian governor has heard of Alexander's skill, and surrenders without a fight. Alexander controls Egypt.
  • Alexander's solider's were very tired and refused to move on. Alexander being the merciful person that he is, decided that him and his solider's would head back and continue the conquest another day.
  • While traveling in Babylon, Alexander gets a sickness, and unfortunately dies. His body is then taken to Egypt where he is buried inside of a gold coffin.