The Crusades
Updated: 4/14/2021
The Crusades

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  • Stand down we won you are out numbered
  • The crusades were a series of Religious battles that took place in the middle ages
  • By 1095 the Muslim Turks had advanced to within 100 miles of the Byzantine empire, the emperor appealed to pope Urban the second the pope called for a European crusade to drive the Muslims from the holy land.
  • Some of the main ideas were in 1098 the crusades lead siege to the city of Antioch in Syria. For nine months before it fell to them they surrounded Jerusalem and they eventually fought their way into the city. Having Jerusalem taken over many of the crusaders went home but some of the crusaders stayed in the city and built 4 crusader kingdoms
  • In the second crusade the Muslims were not organized but they will go and capture Edessa which is the most northern capital of the crusaders kingdom. This led to the Christians to all for a second crusade. This crusade ended because of the failure of the French and German armies who were defeated in Anatolia and Damascus. Richard the first of England led the third and last crusade to retake the holy land from the Muslim leader who had recaptured much of Palestine.
  • On of many effects on the crusades was the King and the pope of western Europe gained more power and became more powerful. Because of this Europeans started to trade with the Middle eastern people. The trade increased because the western started to buy the products such as, sugar lemons, and spices.
  • Eventually Western Europeans began thinking their city's were getting boring so that led to them leaving their city's and looking for a place to conquer or just places to build new city's. This in result the the Exploration increase.