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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/25/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Daniel Boone was born on November 2, 1734. He was born in a log cabin here with his parents named Squire Boone, Sr. and his mom Sarah Morgan. Daniel was the 6th child they had. Growing up his siblings and him had very little education.
  • When Boone grew up tp be 12 he had shot his first bear. Boone became very talented and became woodsman and hunter. He had shot his first bear. Then at 15 they moved to NC and lived on the Yakin River. He was able to start his own hunting business.
  • We are the four men.
  • Boone had to leave home and go fight in the French and Indian war. He got to escape though on a horse. He said he was content to life and was perfect with what he had. 
  • Man its been a long hard life.
  • Boone led his own expedition in 1767. They went along the big sandy river in Kentucky.
  • Then in May 1769 he led another expedition with John Finley. The team of exploresr found a trail to the far west though the Cumberland Gap. Then in April 1775 he was working for Richard Henderson. He directed colonists to an area in Kentucky.
  • A lot of bad things ended up happening to Boone like his daughter got kidnapped but she got released, he was shot in an Indian attack but didn't not die, then captured by the Shawnee, then robbed, but finally ended up in West Virginia. But after all his hard work he died on September 26,1820
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