Updated: 6/22/2020
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  • Why have you cancelled my fixed line? This is my business number and you are causing me losses ! I never agreed to it !!
  • Sarah from CR: Let me check this for you.The agent did not investigate the account correctly, and missed to identify that this was an HBB case. Since she was not trained on HBB, she should not have dealt with this customer.
  • If Sarah had showcased the right intent,The customers issue would have been resolvedThey would have probably agreed to our compensation offer and deadlock situation could have been avoidedUK team would not have to invest time to check errors in our deadlock review formsWe could have changed the customers negative experience to a positive one, by rectifying our errors quickly.
  • I am not sure what this case is about, but I'll continue working on it anyway, and close it as per contact strategy
  • This is a complete joke ! I am suffering, with no fault of mine. I will surely take my business elsewhere
  • Read the complaint fully to understand the root cause, before thinking about a resolutionSeek support, if you are not sure about a case.
  • .
  • Sarah had no intent of understanding or resolving the customers issue, and was only focused on internal targets.She should have passed on this case to Triage team, to be allocated to an HBB trained agent This type of behavior leads to.......
  • Unhappy customers
  • Credit Leakage
  • Low Performance
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