R+J Act 4 Storyboard Jake Larocco
Updated: 5/18/2020
R+J Act 4 Storyboard Jake Larocco

Storyboard Text

  • O, bid me leap, rather than marry Paris, From off the battlements of yonder tower; Or walk in thievish ways; or bid me lurk Where serpents are.
  • A thing like death to chide away this shame, That copest with death himself to scape from it; And if thou darest, I'll give thee remedy.
  • Why, I am glad on't, this is well. Stand up. This is as't should be. Let me see the County. Ay, marry, go, I say, and fetch him hither.
  • I met the youthful lord at Laurence' cell, And gave him what becomed love I might, Not stepping o'er the bounds of modesty.
  • What if it be a poison which the friar Subtly hath ministered to have me dead, Lest in this marriage he should be dishonored, Because he married me before to Romeo?
  • Go waken Juliet, go and trim her up; I'll go and chat with Paris. Hie, make haste, Make haste; the bridegroom he is come already. Make haste, I say.
  • I must needs wake you. Lady! Lady! Lady! -Alas, alas! Help, help! My lady's dead! O, weraday, that ever I was born! Some aqua vitae, ho! My lord! My lady!
  • Jake Larocco