Updated: 1/22/2020
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  • Arriving on Campus
  • Hey Alex, did you see the shooting on the news last night?
  • I wish that kids like us could feel safe coming to school again, but with so many guns on the streets its hard to feel secure, even at school.
  • Yeah I actually did, it's crazy that it happens so often nowadays, it feels like any old news story now.
  • Or how easily accessible they are to irresponsible people.
  • 1st Period, Science Class
  • I really wish we would learn about something more important
  • Yeah.... Like the responsibility involved with owning a firearm.
  • In the Halls
  • It's wouldn't surprise me, with so many guns on the streets these days any kid could end up with one the whole school would be in crisis
  • It's sad to say but it feels like every time they make an announcement its going to be a hide and lock. It always scares me when they come on the intercom, because what if one day it really happens
  • "announcer comes on"
  • Lunch
  • You know, I was thinkin' about our conversation earlier and it dawned upon me that maybe if there were stricter gun laws then it could help with this modern American fear of going to school or other public places.
  • I completely agree! There should be a longer list of requirements that need to be met to be licensed to purchase a firearm.
  • You really think that that'll help with the nation wide hysteria that we have currently in American schools?
  • Theater Class
  • I'm not sure if it will be the end of it all but it will definitely help to keep firearms out of the hands of the wrong people
  • School Courtyard
  • I truly hope something is done about this national crisis, I don't want the generation after us to have to live there childhoods in fear everyday
  • Sometimes I think about what my kids will go through during there school careers and hope it's different than mine.
  • And if anything, then that's a start.
  • Because no child should have to be scared to go to school.
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