Updated: 6/12/2020
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  • Eric, by Terry Pratchett
  • Eric (the boy in the bottom right) is granted three wishes by the ineffectual wizard, Rincewind (bottom left). For his first wish he asks to be the supreme ruler of the world. After his wish is granted he asks straight away for tribute. Rincewind transports him to a small jungle kingdom to fufill his wish. They arrive and Eric is immediately welcomed as the creator of the world. All seems well, Eric is presented with piles of jewels as tribute. A party is organized in his honour. Rincewind sneaks away from the festivities, only to find the prison. There he finds a man who-
  • 1st wish continued
  • For his second wish, Eric demands that the most beautiful woman ever falls in love with him. To grant this wish Rincewind transports them to ancient battle between Tsort and Ephebe. The battle was fought because a legendary woman whose face supposedly launched a thousand camels.They find their way into the tent of the commander of the Ephebian army. He's a man named Lavaeolus. As they arrive he's planing how he'll storm the stronghold of Tsort. He found out about a secret passage into the stronghold. He discovered this by getting a maid drunk.
  • 2rd wish continued
  • For his final wish Eric wishes to live for ever. Then Rincewind transports them to a black void. Nothing is there exept a small inkstained man floating in the nothingness. It turns out this man is the creator. He asks Rincewind what he most wants currently but unfortunatley Rincewind replies an egg and cress sandwich. Then Rincewind and Eric are suddenly on a lifeless beach. They realize that it's lifeless because they are so far back in time there is no life. Turns out because Eric wanted to live forever he got to live forever, in other words he gets to live for all-
  • 3rd wish continued
  • -ended up here while searching for the fountin of youth. The man warns Rincewind that these people intend to sacrifice him Rincewind and Eric. However they all escape just in time.
  • Rincewind tells Lavaeolus that they're from the future. He believes them so he lets them come through the secret passage as well. When they find the most beautiful woman ever it turns out she's not so beautiful anymore. She used to be, but after 30 years she'd lost most of her looks.
  • of history. Rincewind and Eric despair because Rincewind can't teleport them anymore. Fortunatley Eric manages to teleport them away instead. Unfortunatley he teleports them straight to hell. Rincewind leaves behind his egg and cress sandwich and the bacteria on it are the start of all life.
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