Updated: 3/9/2021

Storyboard Text

  • OWCH, I fell while carrying my bags and cut my hand on the ground
  • HAHA it is I, the Influenza virus, and now that you have fallen it is my chance to invade!!!!!!
  • I better get home and make sure i'm not infected
  • this invasion is no problem so far, the skin has been cut so right in go, straight to the blood stream with me
  • Mean while inside of Jacobs body....
  • HAHA we have broken in, nothing can stop us now, wait, who are they
  • We are the white blood cell known as Neutrophils. we are here to stop you were you stand
  • we are growing to increase blood flow and to attract more white blood cell!
  • you can't stop all of us, we out number you, wait, what's going on. why are the red blood cells dilating.
  • OH NO!! there is just to many, we can't win. if only we were not non-specific cells. wait... whos that over there. is it, could it be....
  • it is us, the specific cells here to save the day. go my antibody friends, mark the enemy
  • NOOOOO it can't be. there is no way we can win now
  • I'm feeling a lot better now, I think my immune system won the war, and now has stronger defense for influenzas!!!! hooray!!!