Melian vs. Athenian

Updated: 5/3/2020
Melian vs. Athenian

Storyboard Text

  • What we will not submit to you. We are a small Island that is no threat to anyone.
  • We have come to take over your state, now surrender and join our empire.
  • You join us and submit that will be your best choice. If not you should worry about the safety of your state.
  • We will not give up that easily we have the right to fight for what is ours.
  • We are not scared of the future we are focused on the present.
  • Misusing your power on other countries will make you have a lot of enemies in your future.
  • We can not have you remain neutral for it makes us look weak.
  • We will never surrender to you we have hope and God on our side.
  • You might have God, but hope will not get you there.
  • We also have the Lacedaemonians on our side.
  • Can you believe this guy?
  • There is no chance the Lacedaemonians are going to risk their army and endanger their state for you.
  • We will not go down as easy as other small Islands we will fight.