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The story of Heracles 1
Updated: 4/20/2020
The story of Heracles 1
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  • Once upon a time there was a baby called Heracles. One night when he was sleeping, two snakes slithered into his crib to kill him, he knotted them up and threw them away.
  • Heracles became so strong that he could lift boulders with ease.
  • Even the Gods were impressed.
  • Heracles was told to never drink alcohol because he wouldn't be able to control his bare strength. One night he was having a party with his family and there was only wine, he said "just one". That one turned into two and two into three, he became so drunk that he killed his own family.
  • His punishment was to serve KingEurystheus as a slave for seven years.
  • He was a meanand spiteful man who's kingdom had many problems.
  • It was a heavily built creature with an impenetrable hideand teeth that could tear through metal as if it waspaper.
  • Heracles was told to kill the Nemean Lion, because it was killing all the kings people.
  • Heracles was no match for the beast so he had to train.
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