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Updated: 2/15/2021
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  • Millions of Indians were kicked out of their homes and forced to move to the other side of the Mississippi.
  • What was the Trail of Tears?
  • Andrew Jackson's Opinion on Indian Removal
  • Andrew Jackson said he would "buy" the land but he really just ended up kicking them out. he wanted the Indians off of the good farming land.
  • John Ross' Opinion on Indian Removal
  • John Ross fought for the Cherokee's rights to the land but he eventually had to lead his tribe along the trail of tears to Oklahoma.
  • John Marshall's Decision on Worcester v. Georgia
  • John Marshall decided that Worcester won against Georgia.
  • He was the one who was put in charge of leading 7,000 soldiers to take the Indians off of the territory.
  • Major General Winfield Scott's Opinion on Indian Removal
  • I think it was a very bad thing and the Indians had the right to the land because they were there first and had it before the Americans, Andrew Jackson's decision to force them off even though they won the case in court was unconstitutional and cruel.
  • My feelings about the Trail of Tears