Out Of My Mind - Chapter 6
Updated: 8/13/2020
Out Of My Mind - Chapter 6

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  • Sure that'll be wonderful
  • Mrs V can you please take care of Melody?
  • I knew you could do it Melody!
  • Mrs Vilot Valencia is Melody's next door neighbor and she is 6 ft tall. She also has big hands and she wears large brightly coloured flowing dresses. She also was the first person to hold Melody like a normal baby when she was young.
  • New communication board!
  • Wordswords more wordsWow wordscool wordswordy words
  • When Melody's father and mother's work overlap then Mrs V baby sits Melody. Mrs V doesn't beleive in labels and is strict and want's melody to learn how to do stuff.
  • One day Mrs V put melody's favorite toy (which was a monkey) next to her head. Melody sreeched and squealed but Mrs V didn't give it to her. Mrs V wanted her to rool over and try get it herself. So Melody tried and with much effort and to her suprise she hanaged to do it and she hugged it alot.
  • Wow that felt really good!
  • Melody was frustrated that she could say so little on her communication board so Mrs V was going to change that! Mrs V ripped off all the words on her board and started from scratch. Melody was overjoyed and was very excited to try it out. 
  • When Melody was out front on Mrs V's porch a single droplet fell on her head. Melody laughed and Mrs V saw this and knew that she wanted to go out in the rain. So Mrs V wheeled her out in the rain and she felt so good.
  • After when the rain stopped Mrs V and Melody went back inside and she got a new pair of warm clean clothes. They waited until Melody’s parents came to pick her up. They did and thanked Mrs V and went home. When Melody was sleeping she dreamt of the rain and how good it felt.