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Sean's Storyboward
Updated: 3/26/2019
Sean's Storyboward
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  • Sean Stresses While Completing Assignments
  • I need to do well in this assignment to bring up my module grade. I'm stressed - This module is bare difficult!
  • Docs
  • S
  • Nuclear and Particle Physics Assignment II
  • Sean and Flatmates go to buy Alcohol
  • Time to unwind and de-stress!
  • Spontaneously Decides to go to Loop Event While Playing Drinking Games
  • Guys! It's Wednesday, Why don't we go to Loop ?! It's Student's Sports Night
  • At 05:30pm Sean is trying to make progress on his assignment that is due at the end of next week. He is feeling stressed and concerned as he knows he has a test the week after the assignment is due.
  • Travels to Oxford Street (on the way to Loop) and decides to buy more Alcohol
  • TESCO  Oxford Street
  • After dinner, at around 07:00pm, Sean and his flatmates go to the local store across the street to get alcohol and soft drinks.
  • Sean and his flatmates visit Sean’s friend
  • Sean and his flatmates are “chilling” [relaxing] - playing a drinking game called Kings and listening to music. His flatmate realises that it’s Wednesday night and suggests going to the Sports Night event at Loop.
  • Walks to Loop and Joins the Queue
  • 00:27am
  • Dering St.
  • After finishing their drinks, Sean and his flatmates travel to Oxford Street. They go to the Tesco, at 10:45pm, on Oxford Street to buy more alcohol (ciders).
  • Sean and his friends visit his friend who lives closeby. They listen to music and chat, while drinking the ciders that they bought from Tesco. The atmosphere is fun.
  • Heya! Come on in, we're having a great time!
  • Time for some more fun
  • Sean and his flatmates join the Loop queue around 00:25am. Bouncers are shouting “no drinks in the line!” so they finish their ciders. He then starts to talk to some people in the queue.
  • Hey! I'm Sean, good to see you fellas
  • Loop Bar
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