The Cask of Amontillado Storyboard
Updated: 12/5/2018
The Cask of Amontillado Storyboard
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  • Okay, but its in the catacomb. You want to come or you want to stay? 
  • Yeah. I would love to share a bottle of Amontillado with you my good fella. Plus I would die for some Amontillado right now .
  • My good fella Fortunato, would you like to share a bottle of Amontillado?
  • I want to come just in case because I am a good friend.
  • No I am okay. We can keep going.
  • Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!
  • Are you okay Fortunato? We can go back to the carnival if you want to.
  • Please Fortunato don't leave me.I thought we was friends and I am claustrophobic.
  • Sorry Montresor I am just going to put you out. Rest in peace Montresor I will always hate you.
  • Good bye Montresor. Burn in hell.
  • I went to the carnival to just have fun, but when I arrive at the carnival, I seen my old friend Montresor. We talked about some things and what we have been doing. Then, Montresor offered me to a nice bottle of Amontillado with him. And of course I said "yes", but he told me that it was in his catacombs. Then we went to the catacombs.
  • Montresor and I had a good talk, but I was getting a little ill. Montresor ask if I wanted to go back to the carnival, but I said "I was okay". He was just being a good friend. I was so thankful we had a talk because I needed to talk to someone and Montresor was a good person to talk to, but I felt suspicious with Montresor because of the faces he would make. He would make mysterious faces and acted different when we got in his family catacombs.
  • I felt that Montresor was hiding something from me so I had to keep my eye on him. When we got at the end of the catacomb, I didn't see no Amontillado. Montresor told me to go look in this big hole over there and I told him I didn't see anything. I told him to come here and he did. As soon as he came, I pushed him in there and two chains came down and instantly snatch his arm. I asked Montresor why he set me up and he said he wanted his revenge because I insulted him, but that was like a decade ago. I burrow Montresor alive and I heard was crying that sound like a baby.
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