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Fuedal Japan Comic Strip
Updated: 9/27/2018
Fuedal Japan Comic Strip
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  • In the Nagayas
  • Ahhh...Muruta Narimoro! I am here to buy some tools and pottery and I need them at once... Please?!
  • Arghh... I cannot believe that you are still asking me for my work! You merchants are unbelievable!
  • Inside Muruta's home (Nayagas)
  • I am done discussing this with you Hiroshi. I will not sell you my goods and that is final! Goodbye.
  • But please Muruta! This is for a good cause. Haha
  • With Muruta's friends (other artisans)
  • I recieved a message from the Emperor that he was expecting food and goods from us this evening but he was disappointed when we could not give him anything as we have sold most of it to the merchants... what will we do?
  • We must get to work at once and try to make as many goods as possible. We will go to the farm now and see what we can get done..
  • Merchants were the townspeople or sales people. They did not have a good reputation and were known to buy objects from other classes such as the artisans and then sell them as if they had created the objects themselves. Merchants did not contribute to the society and purely survived off of the Artisan's hard work. The Nagayas were the houses where the poorer classes lived. These were set at the edge of towns.
  • At the Farm
  • We will farm some of the crops and I will deliver them to the Emperor in person this afternoon.
  • Yes good idea Muruta we will get to work at once.
  • Artisans looked down on the Merchants as people who cheated them for money as well as being selfish and self interested. Artisans produced many items including paper, fine swords, decorations, armour, sculptures, tools, leather products, wigs, paintings and metal designs. Peasants could not carry weapons they would use weapons from their farms such as rakes.
  • Among the town
  • Oi you, Artisan! Come back here now!
  • Ohh my... I did not even see these Samurai there! What am I going to do now?
  • Artisans were well-known by the Samurai in particular for making the best swords and armour. This meant that Samurai would approach the Artisans and request a sword or armour to be made for them. The Emperor had no actual power over Japan. The shoguns were the rulers of not only the military force but the political side of things too., they were an important religious leader and had high spiritual beliefs.
  • Among the town 
  • Well it is too late now! You should have done the right thing in the first place!
  • Ohhh no!
  • He should have bowed
  • The Eta were known as the people of the village or the outcasts. They worked mainly with dead animals and made leather goods as well as farming for extra money and food. They also lived on the out skirts of the town in the Nagayas and survived by begging, butchering animals and making animal hides.
  • Samurai swore allegiance to only 1 Daimyo (once the Daimyo dies the Samurai will go without any daimyo)and had no fear of death. They set an example to the lower classes by the dignity of their appearance and took pride in themselves. If a Samurai lost his honour, brought shame to his clan or leader he would take his own life in a ritual called 'Seppuku' which is a short blade to the stomach. Samurai dusted, shined and arranged their armour well because this gave them great pride.
  • If a Artisan passes by a Samurai and does not bow and acknowledge them, the Samurai has the right to chop their head off. The Samurai was the only class that was allowed to carry weapons because they went through intense training for martial arts, sword fighting and archery. Samurai were highly respected and were vital to the security of the Feudal Japan.
  • Please I beg of you! I am sorry!
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