Neolithic Revolution Comic Strip
Updated: 1/30/2020
Neolithic Revolution Comic Strip
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  • The Paleolithic age was the time period right before the Neolithic revolution. During the Paleolithic age, there was no written language, which caused them to not have big communities. they would usually travel in small groups of about 3-5. Since there was no language, that means there is nothing that we can consider history, this time was referred to as prehistory. 
  • With the start of the neolithic revolution, came agriculture. Agriculture was started all around the world during this time. This resulted in the majority of the food coming from farming, not gathering. Which led to permanent dwellings, instead of constantly traveling for food.
  • Eventually technology came into play. This means that things like tools, weapons, jewelry, and much more was invented. This helped with things like building bigger communities and hunting bigger, stronger animals. These tools got better and better throughout the Neolithic revolution.
  • Unlike the Paleolithic age, people that were living during the neolithic revolution didn’t have to travel non stop to get food and live. They were finally able to settle down and with that, came the start of civilization. Although it was just mud brick walls, that looked like bunkers, they were still able to have shelter.
  • After having civilization, people were able to have jobs. These people were called specialized workers, the most common specialization was farming. They would be doing many things within their one job, instead of focusing on a specific task like they did during the Paleolithic age.
  • With humans gaining more knowledge, they were able to invent writing. It may have been a super simple language, but they were able to communicate within theirs and with other communities near them. This also allowed them to start trading with those other communities, which eventually led to the domestication of animals, which was probably the biggest advancement from this time.
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