Updated: 2/19/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Hey, do you guys ever wonder how humans were created ?
  • I heard we were created by God, 6 days after he created basically everything... The planet we live on and more!
  • Yea, all the time.
  • Interesting...
  • Ok so; Day 1- God created LIGHT and DARKDay 2- God created the sky and the water and separated them with a dome
  • Hmmm, Tell me more
  • Yea, unfortunately since humans have been around, deforestation and depletion of earth's natural resources has destroyed a lot of nature
  • Day 3- God separated land and water. Then he filled the land with lush forests full of plants and trees
  • Wow, must have been beautiful! I can't even imagine a world with only forests and plant life.
  • It's kind of sad that all you see nowadays is pollution... Litter in our water and CO2 in the air
  • Day 4- God created the sun, moon and starsDay 5- God filled the water and sky with wildlife
  • I know, air and water pollution has taken a serious toll on these animals ecosystems :(
  • Finally on Day 6- God created the rest of the animals and the first humans! We were created in God's image to look after and take care of his beautiful creation
  • It seems like somewhere along the road we lost our way, because now humans are causing thousands of animal species to go extinct
  • Exactly, from now on we have to value the earth and all life forms the same way we value ourselves. Environmental stewardship is so important. We can see that being selfish is slowly destroying God's creation, humans must learn how to live WITH the planet not AGAINST it. By living this way we'll naturally make the world a better place, the way God created it to be!
  • So your telling me God created us with the same life force he used to create all living things... That must mean we have more in common with the natural planet than we thought... even if plants and animals can't do the things humans do
  • WOW God is within all living things, EVERYTHING'S CONNECTED!