Gothic storyboard

Updated: 5/22/2020
Gothic storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • You framed me, you gypsie
  • Your master?
  • I was merely doing what's right for my master
  • I'm sorry ma'am, but he is gone.
  • You ungrateful child, you will marry him!
  • A gypsies women frames Jacob Tyreson, the lover of Matilda. This forces Jacob to leave town, but not before swearing vengeance on those who kept him and his lover apart.
  • You will do as I ask! Tell anyone, and I will ruin your family forever.
  • Matilda, daughter of the Duke, has just received news that he has left town. Matilda and Jacob had been passing secret messages and were meant to run away together.
  • The Duke is forcing Matilda to marry rich count, Maxwell Simone. Matilda does not love him, but has no choice but to marry him. No matter how hard she argues, her father refuses to give in.
  • Run away with me!
  • The Duke hated to see his daughter so upset, but had been blackmailed by a ghost who was forcing bad fortune on the family and risking to uncover a deep family secret.
  • Much to her disappointment, Matilda is wedded to Count Maxwell. Unknown to everyone but the Duke, the family ghost is also watching.
  • Everyday, Jacob Tyreson stood outside the house of Matilda and vowed that he would rescue her and get revenge on her father. One day, while Matilda is out for a walk, Jacob comes and surprises her.