The Pig and the Peacock
Updated: 7/7/2020
The Pig and the Peacock
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  • Je suis le plus beau chat à la rescousse.
  • Tout le monde veut être comme moi.
  • Même un petit chien comme moi?
  • Jouons à un jeu. Tout le monde est le bienvenu.
  • There was once a dog and a cat who both lived in an animal rescue. They had both been there just as long as each other but had adapted to there environments in different ways.
  • Voici Rex le Dalmatien et Ursula le siamois.
  • Ooh. Ils sont tous si mignons.
  • The siamese cat was very full of herself and arrogant. She didn't get along with any of the other rescue animals who weren't siamese like herself. She claimed she was the most beautiful animal in the shelter and would be adopted by a beautiful, rich person.
  • Vous avez raison. Ils pourraient ne pas me choisir.
  • Grrr
  • Ils ne vous prendront jamais. Ils me prendront comme je suis belle.
  • The Dalmatian on the other hand was a kind dog. He got along with everyone, was calm-natured, and wise. Yes, his fur was mattered and uneven in places, but he was still loved. He never left anyone out and made sure everyone was included.
  • Le moral: Traitez les autres de la façon dont vous souhaitez être traité et soyez gentil. Ne soyez pas vain et ne jugez pas par les apparences.
  • One day, a wealthy couple came by to visit the animal shelter. They had already 2 pets, but wanted to adopt one more. Ursula was in awe: the couple were rich and beautiful and exactly what she considered the perfect owners.
  • While the wealthy couples were out filling forms, some of the animals crowded outside for debate. The Siamese Cat claimed that they would pick for she is beautiful. The Dalmatian however, did not retaliate and simply agreed, trying to keep peace and prevent everyone from fighting.
  • In the end, the couple were worried about how the Siamese would act around the children and there other pets for they saw how attention seeking and needy she was. They adopted the Dalmatian for he was kind-tempered and looked like he needed a home.
  • Il est beau, Maman. Je l'aime beaucoup.
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