Thank you ma’am

Updated: 10/16/2020
Thank you ma’am

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition (beginning)
  • Rising Action
  • Yes Ma’am
  • Aren’t you ashamed of your self
  • I wanted blue shoe's
  • Rising Action
  • Are you going to take me to jail??
  • With that face I will take you nowhere
  • Why did you wanted my pocket book?
  • Go wash your face and comd your hair to look presentable
  • There was a women in the middle of the nigth.And comes a boy running try's to grab the her purse but the wate of the women lost he's balanced.The women saids pick up my pocket book and she pickhim up and rattle him until he's teeth rattel.
  • Rising Action
  • I bet your hungry trying to steal by pocket book
  • no Ma'am
  • The women drag the boy on the streets and she said him''arent you ashamed of your self''.The boy respond ''yes Ma;am''.They walked until they got to a door.The women said ''You will remember Mrs.Luella Jhones Washington.
  • Climax
  • when they got into the house Luella Jhones say's ''Im going to let go of you.Finally the women let go the boy.The women asked ''Why did you want from my pocket book?''.The boy said ''I wanted blue shoe's.The women say''You cuold have asked.
  • Falling action/ Resolution
  • Thank you Ma'am
  • The women say to the boy 'I bet your hungry trying to steel my pocket book.The boy said''No Ma;am.The women said Go wash your face the sink is over there and comd your hair.The boy was looked at the open door and the purse .
  • But the boy stayed and cleaned he's face and comd he's hair.The women teeled the boy ''I have done things to that I will not speak of,or tell good if he didnt know.The women tell him about her life and not the boy life.
  • Well I have a beauty salon
  • When they finish eating the women gave him ten dollar's.She said ''Here take this ten dollar's and buy your self some blue shoe".The boy stayed silent the women took him to the door.Still the boy stay silent but before the women colsed the door the boy said 'Tank you Ma'am.