Chem project
Updated: 2/15/2020
Chem project
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  • Hi my name is ZincMy nickname is metal I am #30 on my tableMy personality is pretty "SOLID"
  • I would consider to be similar with my friend " Iron". Both me and Iron are a important factor for staying healthy. I like to bond with oxygen , even though I have 2 electrons outside my shell and my fellow friend oxygen has 6 but it's trying to gain more friends to create 8 while i'm trying to give them away.
  • my formula is ZnWhen me and my friend Oxygen " Collaborate" we created a dynamic duo called Zinc Oxide . We causes Skin Rashes and Irritation to vanish. We also protect skin from sun burns. We are a bonding mixture between ionic and covalent.
  • Time to check wheather I am polar or non-polar
  • Results are in!!!
  • I am polar as a "bear" , I was diagnosed with 2 poles , one is neagtive the other is postive
  • When we swim(in water) , we dissolve. but our bond always will be forever
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