Scramble Class. By Jahmil A.
Updated: 5/1/2020
Scramble Class. By Jahmil A.

Storyboard Description

How to convert fraction, decimal and percents.

Storyboard Text

  • Good morning mike
  • Hi Jake.
  • Today were going to learn about fraction, decimal and percents
  •   To convert a percent to decimal first you have to remove the percent (%) sign
  • I would like to know the answer on what is 75%
  • Maybe this is how it should be 75% 0.7.5 0.75
  • After you remove the percent sign write the numbers putting decimal Point into the end of each number
  • So each number has to have a decimal point?
  • Yes, you should write it like this 0.7.5 next step move the decimal point Two places to the left.
  • Also Fill any empty places with a ZEROES. Always put a zero in front of the Decimal point.
  • So to convert a decimal to a percent it is the opposite
  • In convert a percent to a decimal you have to move two places to the left and in the case converting
  • Correct remove the decimal points after it Add percent (%) to the end of the number
  • a decimal to a percent you have to move the decimal point two Places to the right
  • And the next step is fill out empty spaces with zeros?