Updated: 5/18/2020

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  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Scene 1
  • Scene 2
  • Act IV Storyboard by Jahneva Henry
  • Scene 3
  • Juliet visits the Friar after Paris leaves and tells him her plan about how she wants to "kill herself". he Friar gives Juliet this potion that will make it seem like she is dead but she isn't
  • Scene 4
  • Juliet gets home and she repents her disobedience and cheerfully agrees to marry Paris. The Capulets are so pleased they move the wedding up a day, to Wednesday.
  • Scene 5
  • Juliet asks the Nurse to leave her alone for the night, when the nurse agrees to leave her alone she takes the vial and contemplates if she should drink the potion. With a few thoughts she ends up drinking the contents.
  • The next morning the nurse goes into Juliet's room to wake her up for her "big day" and recognizes that she is dead. The nurse begins to wail and everyone enters the room and sees Juliet's dead body on her bed. The friar tells everyone that she is in a better place now, everyone accepts.
  • The musicians start to pack up their items but Peter gets mad and tell them to stay. The musicians plays the songs and the family might eat dinner after the last song.