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Causes of civil war part 2
Updated: 9/16/2020
Causes of civil war part 2
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  • The Mexican cession 1848
  • The fugitive slave act/compromise 1850
  • California entering the union 1850
  • The region that Mexico ceded to the US in the treaty of Guadalupe in 1848. This created the conflict over what was going to happen to the western territories.
  • Kansas-Nebraska act 1854
  • The compromise didn’t last long because of conflicts over the fugitive slave act. This required slaves to return to their owners even if they were in free states and also made the federal government responsible for finding, returning, and trying escaped slaves.
  • The actions of John Brown 1859
  • California had entered the union as a free state on September 9 1850. During the gold rush and the population increased California needed civil government so after a debate California entered the union.
  • The election of Abraham Lincoln 1860
  • This was a bill that allowed popular sovereignty that allowed settlers of the territory to decided if they wanted it to be a free or slave state. Becuase if this so many people rushed there to vote which led to many conflicts and military clash.
  • John Brown was a abolitionist. John Brown and eighteen other armed men both withe and black attacked a federal arson to get weapons to give to slaves to start a uprising to end slavery.
  • Lincoln refused to accept any resolution that would later result in southern secession from the union.
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